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Abdalla Hall

Abdalla Hall, is a University owned building located in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Research Park.  The Research Park is designed to be a catalyst for innovation and economic development that serves the region, state, and nation.  Abdalla Hall houses various University research centers and tenants including:

In addition, the building is equipped with two conference rooms (seating capacity 12), an auditorium (seating capacity of 78), and a dining facility (seating capacity of 45), with a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, and patio area.

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Facility Use

Abdalla Hall, located in the University Research Park, supports research and training primarily for programs located in the building. The use of facilities and associated equipment within this building are generally reserved for events sponsored or co-sponsored by University programs assigned to the building. Upon approval, designated areas within the building can also be reserved for events sponsored by tenants, university departments or other university organizations. Other outside organizations/groups may also reserve these designated areas by a special request. In order to request use of the facility a “Request/Authorization Form” must be completed and submitted to the Abdalla Hall Facilities Manager at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event to allow for ample time for obtaining approval.


Abdalla Hall follows the University schedule and is secured by an Access Card System during non-university hours.  Individuals that require access during off hours are issued a building ID/Access Card.  Cards are only issued to individuals who are assigned to work in the building and require access to the building after hours and/or access to secured labs to conduct business for departments located in the building.  An “Abdalla Hall ID/Access Card Request Form” must be completed in order to obtain a card.

INDIVIDUAL Abdalla Hall Access Request Form  
GROUP Abdalla Hall Access Request Form 

For More Information

Questions regarding Abdalla Hall can be directed by email or by phone at 337.482.0600